Herban Design Studio offers a variety of design services ranging from e-design to full renovations.  Our goal is to meet every client and budget for at the stage of life that they're in. 


design consultation

This can be as little as a one-hour meeting at your home to discuss paint colors, tile options or furniture.  It could be an ongoing relationship where we review each space in your home one room at a time.  


Remodel and renovation

Sometimes you love the house you're in but not the bathroom tile.  We get it.  Space planning, new cabinet design and layouts, tile, paint, hardware, and fixtures, we can fix as little or as much as you like.  We will work with your contractor to make your existing home your dream home.


new build and spec homes

You want a clean start?  We work with builders to create the home of your dreams from the ground up.  Want a linear drain in your shower?  Let's do it.  Want a custom vent hood?  Got you covered.  We will help you pick out everything from wallpaper to cabinet hardware.  

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The easiest solution for those who don't have time/energy for the traditional design route.  If you're not afraid of doing the leg work, we will pick out all the selections and you can go from there.  Buy the sofa and leave the mirrors?  It's your choice. This option allows you the time to piece together your design at your leisure.